Recap on Resident Evil – Episode 3 – The Lights

Recap on Resident Evil – Episode 3 – The Lights

The Lights

Director: Robert Seidenglanz


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 3 The Lights

In 2022, Evelyn Marcus is taking part in an interview, one which asks daring questions about what happened at the original Raccoon City. Jade continues to want to warn Billie about the change she might go through. Albert learns the side effect of his own experiment, as the test rat has escaped.

In 2036, Jade is trying to escape the attack on the dock, escaping once again as Baxter becomes more frustrated about her escape while keeping his twist enjoyment about the bloodbath. Jade joins a family of survivors as they search for another option to escape across the channel.

In 2022, Billie wants to get back to normal life, as the infection is healing quickly. Meanwhile, Jade starts a timing on what she believes is how long until Billie turns. While Albert is trying to remain strong, letting Billie do her own thing. It doesn’t take long before Billie starts showing more side effects of the infection. Evelyn continues to push for the release of ‘Joy’ showing money is the only thing that matters. Despite Albert’s reservations about the release of the product. Billie continues to show the side effects of her infection.

In 2036, Baxter continues on the trail of Jade, finding the next attempt to cross the channel through the tunnel. As Jade and the group find themselves in the middle of a ‘Clickers’ nest (even though I thought this was The Last of Us creature). This leads to a battle to survive, with both sides fighting back against the infected creatures hunting anything that moves. This does feel like the first time we have seen the legacy creatures from the source material.

In 2022, Evelyn and Albert continue to clash about the new drug, with the additional mind control ability the drug possesses. Albert is still racing to find a cure, in case something does go wrong and more importantly, to save his daughter. Jade fines Billie becoming more distant, as the infection starts to take over her body and mind.

Back in 2036, Jade’s latest group of survivors find another disturbing truth about one of the group. This leads to them coming face to face with another legacy creature, the giant spider. The spider is one of the deadliest creatures they will face, with speed and piecers that rip through human flesh. Jade must show the family she has been helping the tragic truth of what will happen to them soon. Finally getting caught by Umbrella, before getting saved by the Brotherhood in France.

In 2022, Billie finally admits to Jade that she is can’t explain the changes she is going through, and Jade tells Billie what she has learnt online about the previous facility. This will give the sisters some closure for the first time.

What to look out for next time?

How will older Jade get across the channel?

What is going to happen to young Billie?

Can Albert create the cure?

What are the Brotherhood really like?

Short Verdict

This is becoming an overlaying problem with this show. In three episodes, the 2036 story is exactly the same, only in a different location. Jade runs Umbrella catching up with her, killing everyone around here. This is becoming dull and completely uninteresting. Despite giving us a look at more of the legacy creatures that made the series so popular.

The 2022 side of mixing teenage high school drama, in New Raccoon city, is more interesting but could have easily been explored more. Give full episodes to what is going on here.

This leads to the bigger problem with everything going on. Any danger the younger Jade is in, feels pointless because we know she is around in 2036. Giving away that Billie is searching for her, tells us that she might well be infected, but she will survive in some form. Most of the tension of the high school drama for violence isn’t getting what it needs.

Final Thoughts: This does continue to not feel like we are going very far, despite the legacy creatures will give it points. 3/5

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