Recap on Resident Evil Episode 1 Welcome to New Raccoon City

RecapResident Evil – Episode 1 – Welcome to New Raccoon City

Welcome to New Raccoon City

Director: Bronwen Hughes


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap on Resident Evil Episode 1 Welcome to New Raccoon City

In 2036, the world has been destroyed for 14 years now, Jade Wesker (Balinska) is roaming an empty London away from her family. She is studying a pack of the undead, managing to go undetected while conducting the experiments. This is until a mistake sees her draw blood attracting the pack’s attention and showing off her fire protection system. Releasing a giant caterpillar-like creature.

Rewind to 2022, 3-months before the end happened. A younger Jade arrives in New Raccoon City. Albert Wesker (Reddick) has moved his family here for a new start, in the beautiful futuristic town. A place teenage Jade hates, but her sister Billie (Agudong) is more accepting of the move. The pair have never been sick in their lives, which is why Albert is trying to study them in Raccoon City.

As the girls are struggling to adapt to the new life, Billie finds herself targeted by the bully. Questioning her own mindset, where Jade prepares Billie to stand up for herself to make a statement. Becoming even more distant from her father, whose new drug us meant to help with depression. It is about to be launched, no matter how much he resists wanting to be released.

Welcome to New Raccoon City

Meanwhile, in the future Jade gets destroyed by the caterpillar creature, saved by three rebel fighters surviving in London. She learns about the scavenger living in Brighton, surrounded by zombies adapting to survive.

In 2022, a masked figure exacted revenge for Billie, leading to an imposing meeting with Albert and the father of the daughter who bullied Billie. This scene creates an intimidating figure, dominating the scene, sending shivers down your spine by his appearance in the scene.

Back in 2036, Jade finds herself sold to the highest bidder, Umbrella, who has a bounty on her head. Sending her back to the enemy she has been eluding for years. Umbrella arrives killing everyone, taking Jade back to her sister, who has been hunting her for years.

The sisters look to explore the facility after Billie learns that animal experiments might be happening in the facility. Discovering the truth, while unleashing the iconic hell hound in the facility. This will lead to Billie being attacked, with Jade unable to protect her sister.

What to look out for next time?

The opening attack in New Raccoon City.

Have the sisters released the virus?

What does Umbrella want with Jade?

How did Billie survive?

Short Verdict

This is an interesting beginning chapter of the series. The family dynamic is interesting in 2022. This will be a part of the series that is part we would like to learn more about. Watching Albert Wesker struggle as a father, but as a leader, he can send chills down your spine.

In the future version of the story, we see how Jade is trying to make things better after the infection has taken over the planet. Again, this is interesting to see what she is up to.

The problem with most of this is the jumping between the two times, not very much feels connected and we don’t get enough time to explore these moments in either world.

The performances are great, with the younger pair of Tamara Smart and Siena Agudong showing great chemistry as sisters. Lance Reddick steals the episode with that one intimidating sequence, where he threatens to destroy to life.

Final Thoughts: Great start to the series, leaving us with plenty more questions about what is to come next. 4/5

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