Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 8 – Revelations

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 8 – Revelations


Director: Rachel Goldberg


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 8 Revelations

Starting in 2030 (yay another timeline) Jade discovers an infected lizard on the ship the crew are floating around in, leading to the reveal of the giant contained crocodile attached to the ship.

In 2022, Jade and Billie are given five minutes to pack before they are relocated. Meanwhile, Burt answers questions about his behaviour to Evelyn, who starts to question his relationship with Albert. She is promising him a chance to be free, after spending the last few years locked up here. As long as he works with her on a project. She reveals the original Wesker is kept in a containment bunker.

In 2036, Billie is looking for a solution to the infected surrounding her base, while Jade is planning her own escape, knowing she is immune from their attention. Billie always is resourceful and has the salutation that eliminates nearly all the infected, but the distraction lets Jade escape back to her ship. Jade gets the crocodile released.

Back in 2022, Evelyn finally learns it was Billie who was the one bitten and warns her about the infection that is running through her blood. Meanwhile, Jade turns to Simon for help again, knowing he could be the only one to help break Billie back out. As he revealed Simon’s mother had drugged her wife with the ‘Joy’ pill.

Recap on Resident Evil Episode 8 Revelations

Returning to 2036, the crocodile looks to deal with Billie, when Jade realizes her daughter Bea has listened to her advice to leave as the ship is sailing off into the sunset. Jade and her husband return to shore to search for Bea. Elsewhere, Billie deals with the crocodile, that comes back to cause problems for the couple.

In 2022, Jade and Simon work together to break into Umbrella. Meanwhile, Billie is having side effects from the latest injections, showing her violent side in her. She finds Burt who can calm her down and help her search for her father. As the family gets reunited, they have ten minutes to escape before lockdown.

During the panic, Billie has one of her visions, causing her to react to Simon supporting her, biting him. Evelyn has the tables turned in her, needing to decide whether to trust Albert or eliminate the problem. She picks the quick solution, leading to a shootout between all sides, as Albert looks to save his daughters. This will lead to Albert looking to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his daughters, as he causes a massive explosion in the facility. Jade, Billie and Burt head off in the night. Meanwhile, in the rumble the creatures hand comes out.

Back in 2036, Jade washed up ashore finding her husband seriously injured, with the need to find Bea being the most important part of their time together. Meanwhile, Billie is looking to escape on the last helicopter out of the area, escaping the crocodile, who has found a new target, Bea. Only for a connection between the two stopping any bloodshed. As the pair get reunited and Billie looks to complete her mission. Confronting her sister about the night that changed everything in 2022. Billie finishes her mission by shooting Jade and taking Bea.

What to look out for next season?

Will we meet any of the other characters from the game?

What does older Billie want with Bea?

Will older Jade come back stronger?

How many Weskers are there?

What actually caused the outbreak in the first place?

Short Thoughts

In what is an all-action final episode to the series, we are left with a giant creature, that could be from any creature feature. Very little from the biggest legacy characters in the series and more questions than answers.

For the series this does feel disappointing because it promised so much from the opening episodes, only to get bogged down in high school drama. There is so much that makes this feel empty by not including any of the characters from the games or movies. Yes, I know Wesker is in it, but he is nothing like the one we met in the films.

It also leaves the biggest cliffhanger in the final scene, one that would introduce a bigger legacy creature to the world.

Final Thoughts: For the action it is fun, but for storytelling, this just disappoints on every level. 2/5

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