Raven’s Hollow (2022) Movie Review

Raven’s Hollow – Movie Review

Raven's Hollow
Raven’s Hollow – Key Art – Photo Credit: Shudder

Director: Christopher Hatton

Writer: Christopher Hatton, Chuck Reeves (Screenplay)


Plot: West Point cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise in upstate New York are drawn by a gruesome discovery into a forgotten community.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Raven’s Hollow starts when Edgar Allan Poe’s (Moseley) cadets stumble upon a dying man. His dying words were about Raven, a forgotten community that Edgar’s men head to. After reaching the community, they are given a cold welcome from Elizabeth Ingram (Dickie) and Dr Garrett (Hayman).

This only intensifies the mystery and after one of Edgar’s men goes missing, they search for answers. Edgar learns of the gruesome behaviour happening in the area and faces a rush against time to save the men.

Verdict on Raven’s Hollow


Edgar Allan Poe is a West Point Cadet, he is with other cadets who stumble across a dying man. This sees Edgar leading the cadets to a small community, where he discovers not everything is what it seems. He must learn about the community before standing a chance to fight back against whatever is lurking in the community.

Charlotte is a young woman that has a way to attract men into this community. She quickly draws the eye of Edgar despite her mother trying to hold her from the world.

Elizabeth is Charlotte’s mother, she doesn’t like strangers in their community, giving the cadets the cold shoulder. She reluctantly lets them into the community, despite having her own secrets about how she protects her daughter.

Along the way, we get to see the fellow cadets and other members of the community that have encounters with the creature.


William Moseley in the leading role is great, being the man that must figure out what is going on. He shows the uncertainty going on and his inexperience as a cadet. Melanie Zanetti and Katie Dickie lead the supporting cast, with Dickie bringing her typical creepy character that could be on either side of the fence.


The follows a group of younger cadets who stumble upon a mysterious community where people are disappearing from. As they try to solve the mystery, they find themselves dealing with an unknown threat.

This is a story that feels like it could be working hand in hand with ‘Sleepy Hollow’. It has a mystery in a gothic environment that is used to create horror in the story. Which gives us plenty of mystery to see how things are unfolding. There is a dive into myths and legends and is designed to feel like the origin of one of Edgar Allan Poe’s biggest stories.


Raven’s Hollow is a gothic horror that uses the myths of a community to create unease around a small community. When we get to see what is going on, it is very disturbing as well as a wonderfully original creation. The remote community showed how different communities could believe in different things, leading to unknown consequences.

Where to Watch: Raven’s Hollow is available on Shudder.

Final Thoughts Raven’s Hollow is a nice throwback gothic horror.

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