Possession (2022) Movie Review

Possession – Movie Review


Director: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken

Writer: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (Screenplay)


  • Jan Sælid
  • Eva Nergård
  • Tarjei Sandvik Moe
  • Anna Filippa Hjarne
  • Dennis Storhøi

Plot: A priest has been tasked with deciding the location of a new church for the local mining company, which reveals itself to be on top of an old Sami burial ground. After removing the remains, the dead come alive and haunt the settlers.

Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Possession starts in the aftermath of the First World War; a small Norwegian community are looking to rebuild. The location they picked is on top of a Sami burial ground. Father Smidt is leading the community of miners through the transition. He has moved his family there, but things take a turn for the worse.

The members of the town start getting haunted by the dead from the burial ground. This leads to the community needing to come together to use their faith to battle back against the dead.

Verdict on Possession

Possession is a horror mystery that dives into religious differences between communities. It shows how people are trying to rebuild after a war, despite something not being right about the area they have selected. Along with the unexplained events that only their religion might offer an answer to.

There are plenty of creepy moments, as the atmosphere is used to create tension. The movie never holds back on shocking moments, that see characters act out of character. It shows the slow change within the community and the residents, sending them down this dangerous spiral.

Final Thoughts Possession is a creepy atmospheric horror movie.

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