Planet Of The Apes (2001)

Director: Tim Burton

Writer: William Broyles Jr, Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal (Screenplay) Pierre Boulle (Novel)

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Clarke Duncan, Paul Giamatti, Estelle Warren, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, David Warner, Kris Kristofferson


Story: When astronaut Captain Leo Davidson (Wahlberg) is on a routine space mission things go wrong and he is transported to a new world. On this new world Apes are the dominate species and humans are their slaves. After Leo and fellow humans Daena (Warren) her father Karubi (Kristofferson) are captured by slave trader Limbo (Giamatti) they are to be branded and sold. Ari (Bonham Carter) believes humans and apes can live as one and buys the slaves.


Thade (Roth) is the general in charge of making sure all the humans are captured and trained. After Leo and the humans escape with Ari there is a race for survival leading to one last stand against the apes.



Story: This remake of the classic Planet of the Apes, with the basic outline story coming off very well, Proving that humans seems to be able to survive through any situation and rise up and fight against the odds. Though the story isn’t original it is told very well and anyone who hasn’t seen the original will be able to follow as the story unfolds (8/10)


CastMark Wahlberg as Captain Leo Davidson playing the lead and the Charlton Heston role. Marky Mark does a good job as the reluctant hero of the humans. This role follows on from his big hits in more of a supporting role in ‘The Perfect Storm’ and ‘Three Kings’ so in a way this was his leading man Blockbuster debut and he succeed with a great on screen presences. Star Performance  (9/10)


Tim Roth as Thade the newly created villain and leader of the apes, from a family that is meant to be descendant from the first ape Cesar and very much against the humans for what they did to his ancestors. Almost unrecognised able but still gives a good performance where you can see the rage against the humans all the way through strong performance all in all. (8/10)


Helena Bonham Carter as Ari another character from the original here, Ari/Zira is the character that supports the humans to have equal rights to the apes. This comes over a little on the annoying side as they are trying to make name for herself using her relationship to the Senator being his daughter to push for things more. Even after that I feel Helena does a great job playing the role with a character trying to show emotion in what seems like an emotionless species. I give this because of the character not the acting Least Favourite Character (8/10)


Michael Clarke Duncan as Attar the devoted follower of Thade the first in command of the armies but huge believe in that Cesar will be returning one day. Michael is great choice as the enforcer role being he larger size. Michael does a good job in one of his early roles soon after ‘The Green Mile’ unfortunately for him his career hasn’t really hit the same heights since. (8/10)


Paul Giamatti as Limbo the slave handler he plays the slightly weasel like character who will do anything to survive. Not the most known actor at the time with only a series of small supporting roles if this film was released in this sort of time he would be cast as Thade. With what he has to work with he does a great job and creates my Favourite Character of the film  (8/10)


Estella Warren as Daena the pretty daughter of the remaining humans. In one of her first roles and in all fairness for acting quality she wasn’t the best choice but I guess she was cast for a bit of eye candy in a ape dressed cast. I have to give her the Poor Performance due to poor character for the overall story. (4/10)


Director: Tim Burton is known for his alternative take on stories and with this he doesn’t give his best outing and with the recent releases of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ makes this film look worse. With the high standards set I feel this could have been better from Mr Burton (5/10)

Action: Some action scenes are just well performed chases scenes and one big final fight scene, which is one very impressive scene. Overall the action is good but is nothing that really will stick in your memory. (7/10)


Sci-Fi: With space travel and a new world the basic sci-fi is created but the overall side of it doesn’t really shine (5/10)


Special Effects: Nice atmosphere created and good use of make up giving the special effects a good mark (8/10)


Music: Danny Elfman music creates some very good tension does what he does best great work. (9/10)


Best Part: The beginning of the final fight scene


Worst Part: unnecessary remake


Trivia: Charlton Heston plays Thade father in a small cameo


Similar Too: original Planet of the Apes, Battlefield Earth


Rating 72%

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