Petit Mal (2022) Movie Review


Petit Mal – Movie Review

Director: Ruth Caudeli

Writer: Ruth Caudeli (Screenplay)


  • Silvia Varon
  • Ruth Caudeli
  • Ana Maria Otalora

Plot: Have you ever met a throuple? We are opening our home’s doors to show you how is our life, how we, as a women’s throuple, live the absence of one of us. This real fiction show us how we deal with loneliness, jealousy and how we have to adapt ourselves when three become two.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Petit Mal starts as we meet Marina (Varon), Laia (Caudeli) and Anto (Otalora) a throuple living together. They have different lives, which causes problems at times, as they show different levels of jealousy toward each other. It gets to see how at times they can feel lonely, but deep down the three of them love each other.

Verdict on Petit Mal

Petit Mal is an intimate drama following the lives of a throuple. It takes us behind closed doors into their personal life as they see how life changes over time. Giving us a chance to see how what looks like a complicated arrangement can run smoothly, even with the occasional problem.

This is a nice look at how things operate in a relationship others might not be used. It gets a personal feeling for how everything unfolds, without giving us a much bigger story going on. The performances in the movie are good and give everything a natural feel about what we are watching.

Final Thoughts Petit Mal is a nice personal-feeling movie.

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