Orders from Above (2021) Movie Review

Orders from Above – Movie Review

Orders from Above Poster

Director: Vir Srinivas

Writer: Vir Srinivas (Screenplay)


  • Richard Cotter
  • Peter J Donnelly
  • Darrell Hoffman
  • Emmanuel Drakakis  

Plot: Adolf Eichmann is finally captured and brought to Israel to stand trial. Without enough evidence to prosecute him. Police Captain Avner Less must extract a confession from the mastermind of the Holocaust.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Orders from Above starts when police captain Avner Less (Cotter) is assigned to interview Adolf Eichmann (Donnelly). Eichmann is accused of being the mastermind behind the Holocaust, a fact he adamantly denies.

As their conversation rolls on. Avner continues to try to break down Eichmann, to confess his war crimes. Forcing him to watch the horrors he is accused of being a part of.

Verdict on Orders from Above

Orders from Above is a drama that is looking to expose a war criminal. Taking on a very sensitive subject, dealing with the people who were behind the Holocaust. Seeing the conversation unfold, showing how both sides believe they are on top of the situation.

This does need to come with a warning because there are clips from the real holocaust, that are difficult to watch. The way the movie shows the Israeli police investigate the crimes. Showing calm while searching for the truth.

Richard Cotter and Peter J Donnelly are amazing together. Keeping the conversation going, and grabbing our attention throughout. The pair do have long dialogues, which are performed flawlessly in the movie.

Where to Watch: Orders from Above is available on digital from 19th July 2022.

Final ThoughtsOrders from Above is filled with amazing performances on a sensitive subject.

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