New Features

We here at Movie Reviews 101 are trying to come up with some new features and we would like your help. We have come up with a couple of ideas, so if you want to join in these features let us know.

1st up we are looking into a feature called ‘Our Favourite Performance’ where we pick a name and select our favourite role of that persons career. We also want to keep this rolling by having the people who take part think of the next person to focus on.

The first three names we are looking at are,

  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Chris Evans
  • Harrison Ford

2nd feature we are going to look at is ‘Snap Reviews’ this will get people to give their own one line review on any film. We will use similar ideas for ‘Our Favourite Performance’ were the people involved will get to select the next film.

With these two new features we think we could increase interaction between film fans, so come and get involved.

We continue to thank you all for the support you have shown us over the last year and look forward from hearing from you all.


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