My Transparent Life (2022) Movie Review

My Transparent Life – Movie Review

My Transparent Life

Director: Serena Dc

Plot: My Transparent Life explores the lives of two transgender people through their various stages of transition and tries to answer the question: Is being transgender a choice of are transgender people really born in the wrong body?

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on My Transparent Life

My Transparent Life is a documentary following investigative journalist Serena Dc stepping into the transgender community. She gets an up close and personal journey with two transgender people who are going through their transitions. Looking at both sides, male to female and female to male.

The documentary looks at the decisions that must be made before surgery along make the dangers of the transition known. It gets to explore the lives before, the moment they realized they wanted to go through the transition. There is also the question about why the transgender community gets targeted with hate crimes, questioning the high death rates within the community.  

The positive community was created to support transgender who is around to support the bigger changes that impact their lives. In the documentary puts an important focus on the transgender community. How the lives will change and how much time is put into the process and how the closest people will react to everything.

Final Thoughts My Transparent Life is an important and eye-opening documentary.

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