My Name Is Bruce (2007)

Director: Bruce Campbell
Starring: Bruce Campbell, Grace Thorsen, Taylor Sharpe, Ted Raimi, Ben L. McCain, Ellen Sandweiss

In a small mining town where one hundred Chinese workers are killed in a cave in the God of war and even bean curd Guan-Di in now the protector of the grave. When Jeff (Taylor Sharpe) and his three friends disturb the grave by stealing an ancient lock on the tomb Guan-Di rises from the the grave and kill the three friends.

Meanwhile Bruce Campbell (playing himself) in on the set of cave alien 2 a sequel to a movie he hated himself. Meeting his agent Mills (Ted Raimi) in a strip club to discuss his career chances. After a few to many drinks he struggles back to his caravan and drinks more before making a phone call t his ex wife Cheryl (Ellen Sandweiss). Soon after a knock at the door from Jeff begging Bruce for help to take out Guan-Di thinking its just a movie pitch Bruce ignore Jeff. Jeff ends up kidnapping Bruce taking Bruce back to Gold Lick.

Upon arriving in Gold Lick Bruce is treated as a form of saviour. Jeff a huge Bruce Campbell fans has convinced the whole town Bruce can fight this monster. Meeting the Mayor (Ben L.McCain) Bruce is taken to a town meeting to learn about the monster he will be fighting. Bruce thinks this is just a present from his Mills so he just plays along. Kelly (Grace Thorsen) Jeff’s mum thinks Bruce is a fraud but the rest of the town believe in Bruce.

Upon going out on a hunt for Guan-Di Bruce finds out that Guan-Di is actually real and runs all the way back to his caravan. With the town all out of hope Jeff goes to fight Guan-Di on his own. Can Bruce Campbell be the hero his movies have made him out to be?

The B-movie legend Bruce Campbell makes and stars in a strong horror comedy that is a tongue in cheek look at his career. This is a good laugh for all fans of Bruce Campbell keeping you interested with his charm and one liners which he became famous for. Very enjoyable film that could have been more successful that is was. Ted Raimi playing multiple characters for extra comic value works well.

My rating 77%

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