Mister LImbo (2021) Movie Review

Mister Limbo – Movie Review

Mister Limbo

Director: Robert G Putka

Writer: Robert G Putka (Screenplay)


  • Hugo de Sousa
  • Vig Norris
  • Hugo Armstrong
  • Amy Hoerler

Plot: A young man in a parachute lands in the middle of a desert. He does not remember who he is or how he got there. As he tries to find his way home, he will come across several people who also seem to wander through this endless wasteland.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Mister Limbo starts as a young man (Sousa) wakes up with his parachute landing him in the middle of a desert. He stumbles upon another man with no memory, who decides his name is Craig (Norris). The pair wander around the desert searching for answers, which sees them come across several different people, with different stories.

The further the pair walk, the stranger the encounters become, with nobody else joining them on their journey. This sees them diving deeper into the philosophical meanings of their journey.

Verdict on Mister Limbo

Mister Limbo is a journey movie into and from the unknown. It gives the two characters to reflect on what they have achieved so far in their lives and wonder if they did things right. The odd characters we meet along they give them an extra moment of reflection too.

This movie feels like a lot of inspiration came from ‘Gerry’ with the whole travelling hopeless through the desert. It never feels like the pair are in danger, despite the amount of time they are wandering. This is shown by the random number of people they meet. It never feels like they are that deep into the desert.

The two leads Hugo de Sousa and Vig Norris are both great, being engaging to see what they will do next on the journey.

Final Thoughts Mister Limbo is an odd movie about discovering yourself in the strangest place.

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