Mister Creep (2022) Movie Review

Mister Creep – Movie Review

Mister Creep

Director: Isaac Rodriguez

Writer: Isaac Rodriguez (Screenplay)


  • Thomas Burke
  • Ali Alkhafaji
  • Amber Lee Solis
  • Judy McMillan
  • Marvin Ritchie

Plot: Three college students stumble upon a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location.

Runtime: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Mister Creep starts when four college students, Dave (Burke), John (Alkhafaji), Beth (Solis) and Val (Payne) start making a documentary film. Val reveals that she has an obsession with serial killers. The most secretive one is Mister Creep, who is allegedly involved with 200 deaths.

The group decides to investigate the case more, which leads them down a dangerous and disturbing path about the serial killer.

Verdict on Mister Creep

Mister Creep is a found-footage horror movie following a group of students searching for answers about a serial killer. It introduces a mystery that could be career-breaking if solved. However, they are not prepared for what they discover about the serial killer.

This is the type of found footage movie that brings the idea together well. However, the visuals fall too heavily onto the shaky camera. No suspense is built up around the incident and the shock value is what is relied on. These shocking moments are held back through, letting the audience imagine how twisted the deaths are.

When it comes to the serial killer, he has a twisted back story and an uncomfortable look. One that plays into the masked killers of the world. There is also a look at the idea of having a serial killer that communities would want to keep quiet, letting the internet spread the stories about them.

Final Thoughts Mister Creep is a found-footage movie that lacks suspense, and the shocks don’t hit home.

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