Miracle at St. Anna (2008)

Spike Lee’s war piece starts when a clean cut purple heart winning man just kills a man he is serving at his bank. The mystery grows more when a statue head is discovered in his apartment. That statue head has been missing since World War Two.

What follows is his story about why he killed that man. we meet four African American soldiers who get stranded after a mission in a small Tuscan Village in Italy. They are surrounded by Germans and have found a young boy that no one knows.

What happened in this village to make this man commit the crime he did.

Going into this i knew the basic idea of the story but i really wasn’t expecting too much. I was wrong this has a bit of a Saving Private Ryan feel to it, but i found the friendship between the men much better and the bound with the child is beautifully created. It is also a bit of a guessing game on which one of the soldiers in the one that committed the murder.

I think people will enjoy this film it is a very good watch good addition to the war genre without really have too much blood and gore from other war films

My Rating 82%

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