Lethal Virus (2021) Movie Review


Lethal Virus – Typical Survival Horror


Director: Daniel Hernandez Torrado

Writer: Nerea Bermudez, Daniel Hernandez Torrado, Carlos Sisi, Diego de la Concepcion (Screenplay)

Starring: Loretta Hope, Tomas Paredes, Lee Partridge, Christian Stamm, Ramon Alvarez

Plot: In a broken world struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, a new super virus that escapes from melting permafrost threatens to destroy the remnants of mankind. The results are swift, chaotic, and deadly, throwing the world into further crisis. With the last hopes for a cure pinned on brilliant young scientist, Allyson, the military are given one final mission: to deliver Allyson to her laboratory at all costs. It is a duty undertaken without hesitation. Yet as the pandemic intensifies, and their progress, numbers, and optimism start to dwindle, the group find themselves struggling not only with the infected population, but with a sombre dilemma: does humanity truly deserve to be saved?

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lethal Virus starts as a global pandemic sweeps through the world, created chaos with a new threat, zombie. Scientist Allyson (Hope) has been recreated to help the military deal with the crisis, believing she might well have the key to the cure. When Allyson finds herself alone in the woods after an ambush, a local survivalist Scott (Stamm) looks to help her survive the threats, human and zombie.

Thoughts on Lethal Virus

Characters & Performances – Allyson is the brilliant scientist that believes she has the cure the virus that has swept the world, she is being transported by military to create the anti-virus before finding herself stranded in the woods. She isn’t best with nature, which will see her needing to use her brain to get out of different situations that Scott can’t handle. Scott is the local survivalist that finds and helps Allyson on her mission, he doesn’t want to, but he knows it is the right thing to do, which could give him redemption for what happened in his previous life. We do have two military men tracking Allyson, always being a few steps behind her as a threat to her future. The performances in the film are strong enough for the film, even if we have seen the similar characters before in many other films.

StoryThe story here follows a couple of survivors after a global pandemic that are looking to get to safety where they could use their knowledge to help save the world from further heartbreak, needing to battle against the undead and human enemies. This is a story that will show how the world can be destroyed by a virus, with the fears of what could happen with the undead coming back to life. It will give us the mission idea, which is the core movement in the film, while the grander story is about whether it would be right to help or not. The fact this story does try to sell itself on the Covid-19 pandemic is the weakest part of the film.

ThemesLethal Virus is a survival horror thriller that will see two people needing survive the wilderness to make it to safety in a virus infected world. The film is mostly set in the woods, which will show how the enemies could be found anywhere.

Lethal Virus comes to VOD on the 27th of July.

Final Thoughts Lethal Virus is an interesting virus outbreak film that brings us everything we have seen before.

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