Let the Wrong One In (2021) Movie Review ‘Funny Vampire Movie’

Let the Wrong One In – Funny Vampire Movie


Director: Conor McMahon

Writer: Conor McMahon (Screenplay)

Starring: Karl Rice, Eion Duffy, Anthony Head, Hilda Fay, Lisa Haskins, Louise Bourke, Jordan Lennon, Mary Murray

Plot: A young supermarket worker discovers his older brother is a vampire and has to choose whether to help him or slay him.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Let the Wrong One In starts when Matt (Rice) finds out his addict brother Deco (Duffy) has been infected by a vampire, leading him to look for a solution which wouldn’t see him die, or become a danger to society.

Vampire hunter Henry (Head) has been hunting the streets of Dublin in search for vampires, he former fiancée Sheila (Murray) has created a group of people to infect.

Thoughts on Let the Wrong One In

Characters & Performances – Matt is the younger brother that has found himself distant from his brother, while dealing with his mother’s resentment towards his brother. He is the one that believes his brother has become a vampire, where he is in the difficult position of wondering what to do to help him, while needing to learn to step out of the shadows to make an impact in saving his family. Deco is the slacker brother who is either always getting caught out with his addictions or on nights on the town, with the latest leading him to get bitten. He will find himself needing to fight the hunger that being a vampire has given him, with the love he has for his brother. Karl Rice and Eoin Duffy show great chemistry and brothers, creating a relationship that feels like it has been a lifetime. Anthony Head playing a vampire hunter Henry chasing down anyone infected by her fiancée who has become a vampire, he has been taking out new vampires along with the team of fellow taxi drivers he has put together. It is great to see Anthony Head back in the vampire fighting world, adding comedy to his performance he too. When it comes to the vampires, they are led by Sheila from her hen-do making every night a party, as she leads the vampires on the hunt to take over the city.

StoryThe story here will follow two brothers whose lives have gone in different directions that must work together to solve the problem of one of them becoming a vampire after being bitten by a vampire leading a plan to take over the city with. Let the Wrong One In will play into plenty of vampire stories we have seen before, giving us laughs along the way, as rookies will need to learn how to fight vampires, using their own experience from watch or reading about them. How everything plays out will be how you expect a scrappy group of people coming together to fight against large numbers of enemies, looking to create a few new concepts when it comes to fighting back, which will work for laughs along the way.

ThemesLet the Wrong One In is a horror comedy that will bring the vampire sub-genre to life with the comedy involved, getting plenty of laughs from reaction, plans and weapons choice against them. The comedy does become the dominant genre in the film, with most of the horror never coming off scary. The Dublin setting does change the typical location for vampires, while breaking into the vampire side of things, we only get on the early ideas of what could make things dangerous for vampires, rather then instant moments.

Final Thoughts Let the Wrong One In is a funny vampire horror comedy, with laughs in every scene.

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