Last Sentinel (2023) Movie Review

Last Sentinel – Movie Review

Last Sentinel

Director: Tanel Toom

Writer: Malachi Smyth (Screenplay)


Plot: A squad of soldiers is stranded on an abandoned military base on a near-future Earth waiting for relief or the enemy, whichever comes first.

Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Last Sentinel starts in the future where flooding has created a massive divide in the two remaining continents. Cassidy (Bosworth) is stationed at one of the remaining sentinels along with Sullivan (Laviscount), Sarge (Kretschmann) and Baines (McCann).

When the group discover an abandoned ship drifting in the ocean, it creates a divide between them. Half see it as a chance to escape an impending threat, the other want to remain at their posts.

Verdict on Last Sentinel

Last Sentinel is a sci-fi thriller taking us into a bleak future. It takes us to a world where flooding has taken over the planet causing a new destructive war. We follow a small group of soldiers on a sentinel that is waiting for their chance to go home, facing threats from the open ocean.

This is an interesting movie using a bleak future. It uses the open space created by the destruction and flooding on Earth to help create isolation. The movie poses a big discussion on how surviving in this world is and how losing communication can cause a larger problem.

We are kept guessing as to what the threat could be, but we know the weapons available to defend themselves. However, this does look to try to keep us in a web of twists and turns that don’t always hit as well as they could. The performances in the film are strong throughout and the cast keeps us wanting to see what their character does next.

Where to Watch: Last Sentinel is Released on digital 24th April 2023

Final Thoughts Last Sentinel is a tense thriller in a wonderfully created bleak world.

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