Julia Scotti: Funny That Way (2020) Movie Review

Julia Scotti: Funny That Way – Movie Review

Julia Scotti

Director: Susan Sandler

Plot: In the comedy boom of the 1980s, Rick Scotti was a busy guy – appearing in clubs across the country, on bills with Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld – when he came to the powerful realisation that nothing felt right. At a time when the words gender dysphoria and gender reassignment surgery were rarely heard, Rick’s true awakening at age 47 led to a new identity as Julia Scotti. And then everyone turned away: friends, family, comedy world buddies, and most painfully Julia was shut out from any contact with her children. She reinvented herself, spent a decade teaching, and then several years ago, stepped back on stage and began her journey back to the family she loves.

Runtime: 1 Hour 13 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Julia Scotti: Funny That Way

Julia Scotti: Funny That Way is a documentary following comedian Julia Scotti as she continues to reinvent herself. It follows her early career as a man Rick Scotti who discovered later in her life that she was transgender. While Julia has rebuilt her relationship with her children, she helps create awareness with her material.

Julia has gone on to tell her story proving she is funny whatever sex she is and still continues her routines. However, looking back on the material she used to use, she saw the early signs she wasn’t prepared for. This does show the normal lives people are trying to have and judgement can make it more difficult.

The movie is a personal account of what life has been like for Julia. It has a reflective sense about moments she feels like she lost as well as wanting to make the most of what is left to come. This is an important documentary and creates important awareness along the way.

Where to Watch: Julia Scotti: Funny That Way is on Amazon Video and Bohemia Euphoria 31 March 2023

Final Thoughts Julia Scotti: Funny That Way is an inspirational story of understanding oneself.

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