Inland (2022) Movie Review

Inland – Movie Review


Director: Fridtjof Ryder

Writer: Fridtjof Ryder (Screenplay)


Plot: INLAND is a modern fairy tale that explores the fractured identity of a young man after the mysterious disappearance of his mother.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Inland starts when a young man (Alexander) looks to explore more about his past. It sees him visiting Dunleavy (Rylance) in hopes of getting work and learning more about his parents. The Man finds himself living in his of his mother, as he continues his search for answers.

However, the journey takes the man to new locations, trying to make sense of the memories he is living with. With Dunleavy filling in blanks, it only ends up leaving more questions than answers. Can he uncover the truth to help him move forward with his own life?

Verdict on Inland

Inland is a drama following a man trying to understand his past. He looks to reconnect with people from his past, as he searches for answers about his mother that has vanished. Each person offers glimpses into the story, but never tells him everything.

This ends up being a story exploring the unknown, showing how much it can leave someone broken inside. The empty life the young man is feeling shows that he has accepted the loss, but wants answers. While the journey sees him trying to rebuild a life he once had. This ends up leaving a lot of emptiness in the journey and the destination.

Rory Alexander is outstanding in the leading role, showing us the lost soul, he is playing. Mark Rylance adds a grounded figure in an otherwise ordinary world. Everything ends up showing us the bleak everyday life and stepping back into one.

Where to Watch: BFI Presents programme at Vue: on Weds 24 May there will be special preview screenings across the country in 87 Vue cinemas. INLAND is released in UK cinemas on 16 June.

Final ThoughtsInland reflects a bleak empty life of an unknown lost soul.

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