I Dream of a Psychopomp (2021) Movie Review

I Dream of a Psychopomp – Movie Review

I Dream of a Psychopomp

Director: Danny Villanueva Jr

Writer: J. Anthony Ramos (Screenplay)


  • Steven Alonte
  • Kulani Kai
  • Elohim Pena
  • Jillian Lebling
  • Ben Shaul
  • Fiona Rose

Plot: A widower haunted by the distressed ghost of his recently deceased wife is visited in his dreams by a psychopomp who teaches him about the spirit world and soul guiding through stories of death and the supernatural.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: I Dream of a Psychopomp starts in the aftermath of Kerry Reynosa’s (Pena) car accident which saw his wife Evelyn (Kai) killed. Kerry starts getting haunted by the memories of Evelyn before a Psychopomp arrives in his life.

The Psychopomp takes him on a journey of death and the supernatural, where he gets to experience other people’s pain.

Verdict on I Dream of a Psychopomp

Until Forever

Until Forever follows a young dying girl Elayna (Lebling) who turns to a man Adriano (Shaul) who claims to have time in his hands. As the pair discuss immortality, Elayna begs for time, while Adriano begs to end his time. The complex conversation brings forward the moral question about what is on offer. In what is a very interesting discussion piece between a dying girl and an immortal, it is presented to create a decision left in the eye of the beholder. 5/5

Spellbound High Monster Hop

Spellbound High Monster Hop follows a high school student Caroline (Rose) who is too shy to talk to her crush. When a sudden event in the high school corridor, leads to her attending the Halloween dance. The night sees her dancing with everyone until the reveal of the events. This is a strange first story that focuses on the idea that people can create the perfect fantasy to find happiness. 3/5


Answers follows serial abductor Carl Crimwood (Peter Knox) who has kidnapped his latest victim. Deena Swann (N Meridian) is brought in to help break Carl into revealing where the body might be. Joined by detectives, the three want to give the family closure, but Carl’s story is even more disturbing than they could imagine. This is a smart story that throws a massive mystery that is incredibly dark on the table. Only to keep us even more shocked with the truth, while keeping the outcome simple to play out. 5/5

I Dream of a Psychopomp

I Dream of a Psychopomp is a story that sees one man struggling with his own grief, that learns from others to let it go and understand what it means to move on. It shows that the pain will be there forever, but it doesn’t mean your own life is over. The longing to say one more goodbye to loved ones is seen throughout the wrap-around story going on here.

We get three big stories; each offers something fresh and most importantly a dramatic story to follow. It will help understand different outcomes of pain that the victims might be going through. This makes this one of the best horror anthologies of the year.

Final ThoughtsI Dream of a Psychopomp is a special set of short stories, the best horror anthology of the year.

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