Hypnotica (2022) Movie Review


Hypnotica – Movie Review

Director: A.T. Sharma

Writer: A.T. Sharma (Screenplay)


Plot: When a young psychiatrist tries hypnotism to save an unstable patient neither are prepared for the dark secrets that are revealed.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hypnotica starts when a young psychiatrist Mason (Torre) is struggling to find a solution to Oliver’s (Johnson) problems. He tries to pass him on to a more experienced psychiatrist, only for Oliver to refuse.

Mason turns to a new play to use hypnotism to try and break through. However, this has an unusual side effect that puts Mason and his partner Cassie’s (Foster) lives in danger. Can he get to the bottom of what has been seen before it is too late?

Verdict on Hypnotica

Hypnotica is a horror thriller following a psychiatrist trying to help a patient with problems he can’t explain. This sees him diving into a risker method to solve the problem which only creates a new danger in their lives.

The movie takes on the difficult plans to help a disturbed patient. It does mean the doctor would have to try different methods that become risky. This ends up taking us down a disturbing path you would never expect to see. While it is slow getting there, the big reveal is something that leaves plenty of shock in what unfolds. The performances help create the shock, as the imposing presence of Adam Johnson intimidates the small Tim Torre during their sessions.

Final Thoughts Hypnotica is a movie with a disturbing final act.

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