Husk (2011)

When five friends are travelling, you never know if they are going somewhere or returning from somewhere, birds attack the car causing it to crash. The are left on a deserted road surrounded by corn.

One of the guys Johnny (Ben Easter) is missing. Brian (Wes Chatham) and Scott (Devon Graye) go into the corn in search of him finding a empty farm house. This leaves Natalie (Tammin Sursok) and Chris (CJ Thomason) with the car.

Natalie sees what she thinks is a person in the corn, while at the same time Brain and Scott find Johnny sewing machine with nails through his finders. This is one of the good creepy scenes in the film.

When Natalie runs into the corn leaving Chris chasing her when the creature or scarecrow starts picking them off in the corn, We are left with what is the scarecrows back story and who will make it through the night.

As horrors go this is more average to poor, but i like how the start wasn’t any back story straight into the main people quick chat and accident. all the character are pretty generic you have you jock, nerd and out for themselves. The end leaves questions open which could easily lead to a sequel but judging on the poor success i don’t see one happening.

My rating is 54%

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