Hurry Sundown (1967) Movie Review

Hurry Sundown – Movie Review

Hurry Sundown

Director: Otto Preminger

Writer: Horton Foote, Thomas C Ryan (Screenplay)

Writer: Bert Gilden, Katya Gilden (Novel)


Plot: Drama of a ruthless Southern opportunist who tries to buy his cousin’s land, and when thwarted, brings several tragedies to the lives of his loved ones.

Runtime: 2 Hours 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hurry Sundown starts when Henry Warren (Caine) is looking to conduct business with his family. He wants to buy the land to sell to make himself wealthy. However, his war veteran cousin Rad McDowell (Law) and his wife Lou (Dunaway) have their own plans for their land.

As Henry continues to try and conduct his business, he finds himself up against another problem. A family that his own wife Julie Ann (Fonda) had left the home to. This leads to a political problem, as the local Judge Purcell (Meredith) is against black people in their own community.

Verdict on Hurry Sundown

Hurry Sundown is a drama following a wealthy businessman looking to take advantage of his family. He wants to buy their land cheap and evict families that have been there for generations. However, a series of challenges make this difficult and people’s true colours start coming out.

This is a drama that has been dated by the language involved. It comes with a warning about the racial behaviour in the movie. The story of greed and exploiting people is one we have seen so many times. However, this doesn’t do anything to make anything stand out in any other way.

Final Thoughts Hurry Sundown is an outdated drama.

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