Halloween Kingathon – The Dead Zone (1983)

Banner-1logoDirector: David Cronenberg

Writer: Jeffrey Boam (Screenplay) Stephen King (Novel)

Starring: Chritopher Walken, Brooke Adams, Tom Skerritt Herbert Lom, Anthony Zerbe, Colleen Dewhurst, Martin Sheen

Plot: A man awakens from a coma to discover he has a psychic detective ability.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: He Sees Your Future

Story: The Dead Zone starts with teacher Johnny Smith (Walken) quoting The Raven by Poe before suggesting Sleepy Hollow (yeah remember he was the headless horse man years later). While travelling in the rain he has an accident ending up in hospital, but once he awakes he learns he has been in a coma for five years, but he also discovers he has the ability to read the future by touching someone.

The powers John has gained start to make him have a celebrity feel around town with some people seeing it as a gift others a curse and John he doesn’t know what to think at first, until more people start coming to him for help including Sheriff Bannerman (Skerritt) who needs his help to solve a killer on the lose.

As his power grow, so does his reputation to be able to help people with their problems but soon he starts to struggle with all this consequences of what is happening in the world around him and cocky presidential candidate Greg Stillson (Sheen) starts using questionable methods.

The Dead Zone ends up following two stories with one character, we learn how he struggles with powers no one person has ever had before trying to escape the situation. Everything plays out very nicely and we truly do believe what is happening to the man, but if you could use the powers what would you do to change people’s fate? That is the question this film really leaves you to wonder about. This is a dark story without being truly scary and is well worth a watch. (8/10)

Actor Review

Christopher Walken: Johnny Smith is the school teacher who ends up in a coma for five years, he ends up gaining the gift of foresight which he uses to prevent death being it against criminals or accidents. Christopher does a great job in the leading role of this film. (8/10)john

Brooke Adams: Sarah Bracknell is the former fiancé of John who moved on with her life after his accident, she comes back into his life but due to her being married it can never be the same as before. Brooke does a good job in this role. (7/10)

Tom Skerritt: Sheriff Bannerman is the man who turns to John to help solve a case with a maniac going around killing young women. Tom does a good job with the little time he has on camera. (7/10)

Martin Sheen: Greg Stillson is running for office but he does things his own way, the dirty way at that, trying his hardest to anything t make sure he gets there. I think it would be fair to say that Martin steals the film with his glorious display as the presidential candidate. (9/10)

Support Cast: The Dead Zone has a supporting cast that doesn’t really know what to expect from the powers that our leading character has gained.

Director Review: David Cronenberg Cronenberg does what you expect from one of the best directors of the films that really tested you during the 80′. (8/10)

Horror: The Dead Zone has certain horror moment with that scissor scene being the most talked about. (8/10)

Sci-Fi: The Dead Zone enters into this world by taking our character into looking into the future and trying to prevent it. (9/10)

Thriller: The Dead Zone keeps you guessing to what the John will find out next and how he will stop it from happening. (8/10)

Settings: The Dead Zone doesn’t rely on the settings being a major part of this film but uses them for the special shots. (8/10)
Special Effects: The Dead Zone uses great special effects with that scissor scene being the true highlight. (9/10)

Suggestion: The Dead Zone is one for all the horror fans to watch before seeing the television show spin on the story. (Horror Fans Watch)

Best Part: The vision of Greg’s future.

Worst Part: Would have been nice to have more to the first story investigation.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Has a TV spin off.

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $10 Million

Runtime: 1 hour 43 Minutes

Tagline: In his mind, he has the power to see the future. In his hands, he has the power to change it.

Overall: Great horror brilliantly film one to remember.



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