Grown Ups 2 (2013) Movie Review

Grown Ups 2 – ABC Film Challenge – Sequels/Remakes – G – Grown Ups 2 – Movie Review

Grown  Ups 2

Director: Dennis Dugan

Writer: Tim Herlihy, Fred Wolff, Adam Sandler (Screenplay)


  • Adam Sandler (Hustle)
  • Salma Hayek (The Hitman’s Bodyguard)
  • Kevin James (Becky)
  • Chris Rock (Madagascar)
  • David Spade (Joe Dirt)

Plot: After moving his family back to his hometown to be with his friends and their kids, Lenny finds out that between old bullies, new bullies, schizo bus drivers, drunk cops on skis, and four hundred costumed party crashers sometimes crazy follows you.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Grown Ups 2 starts as Lenny (Sandler) has returned to his hometown for a quieter life. This sees him getting to spend more time with his friends Eric (James), Kurt (Rock) and Marcus (Spade). As he learns about his youngest son dealing with bullying, he must face his own past against bullies.

This sees all four needing to deal with their relationships with their children. Needing to see them accepting they are growing up themselves. This leads to them clashing with local college bullies.

Verdict on Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 is a comedy sequel that looks to put together the former friends as they move back near each other. It sees them needing to accept that their children growing up and changing. Dealing with their own problems as they are reaching the next age of their life.

Here we see the comedy fall off a cliff, being dumb slapstick or fart jokes. Despite having the idea to show parents struggling with their children getting older and things in life will be changing for them. Other films have done this a lot better in the past, which is why this movie comes off as more disappointing. This does continue to show the chemistry between the friends and while the comedy doesn’t work, it remains the same between the friends.

Final ThoughtsGrown Ups 2 is a weak sequel that gets caught up in trying to be extra funny and missing every joke.

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