Girls’ Night In (2021) Movie Review ‘An Enjoyable Comedy’


Girls’ Night In – Fun Enjoyable Comedy


Director: Emmett Loverde

Writer: Emmett Loverde (Screenplay)

Starring: Tiana Tuttle, Alexis Phillips, Samantha Skelton, Arielle Gottesman, Alexa Reddy, Ella Kendall

Plot: At a dinner party between three female friends, one announces, “Together we make up the perfect woman—you’re the brains, you’re the personality, and I’M the beauty!” The others are devastated and all three explore life changes hoping to heal themselves—and possibly rescue their shattered friendship.

Tagline – She can’t just say that… can she?

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Girls’ Night In starts as we meet the three friends Jessica (Tuttle), Lynette (Phillips) and Candace (Skelton) who always have a monthly dinner to catch up on their lives, learning what has changed and seeing how things are going.

On one of the meetings, Candace announces she is going to have a baby, alone, without a father, until Jessica puts forward that the three women would make the perfect woman, with Jessica’s beauty, Lynette being the brains and Candace being the personality. This conversation will see the friends going their separate ways, looking to face their own weaknesses in hope to bring themselves back together.

Thoughts on Girls’ Night In

Characters & Performances – Jessica is the groups shallow member, believing beauty is the most important part of each day, she always has stories about her dates, generally puts her foot in her mouth, bringing up the idea of them being the perfect woman together. Lynette is the smartest of the three, she has PHDs to her name, which has seen her often given up her love life for her education chase, she will look to change this while the three go their separation, looking to show her beautiful side. Candace is known for her personality, she knows what she enjoys in life, which will show her being more caring, bubble and friendly in everyday life. She decides she wants to have a baby alone, with her kind-nature being the person that will look to hold the three together. The three leading stars Tiana Tuttle, Alexis Phillips and Samantha Skelton are all great, showing natural chemistry between them, while also getting their own individual moments to show what the characters are going through alone.

StoryThe story follows three lifelong friends that meet up for a monthly dinner, that will see the latest one take a turn, seeing a separation between them, causing them all to look at what is important in their lives, to learn they need each other to shine the most. This is the type of story that will give us the importance of what it is like to have friends that are different to you, but ones that support you, understand you and will be there for you. It shows that people might not have the same interests, but will bring together the most important parts of life. Most of the story is shown through a mix of the interaction dinners the women have, with us getting a look at some of their lives away from the group setting, it does feel like Candace does get a bit less of an individual look at her life, but this is more because she is the glue that holds them together.

ThemesGirls’ Night In is a life comedy that will show us just how important lifelong friends will be, how you can laugh at stories you have been through, the best of worse moments in life too, there is plenty of heart being bought through with how the women go about their friendship.

Final Thoughts Girls’ Night In is a truly enjoyable comedy that highlights the importance of friendship.

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