Geronimo (1962) Movie Review

Director: Arnold Laven

Writer: Par Fielder (Screenplay)

Starring: Chuck Connors, Kamala Devi, Pat Conway, Armando Silvestre, Adam West, Lawrence Dobkin

Plot: In 1880s Arizona, General Crook and his troops are trying to subdue the last tribe of Apache led by Geronimo.

Tagline – The Most Defiant Warrior Of Them All!

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Geronimo starts as the great Apache leader Geronimo (Connors) looks to surrender, being offered land, shelter and food by the American military, Captain William Maynard (Conway) looks to keep them under control, but he is quick to go against their agreement, selling the very land given to the Apaches.

Geronimo looks to lead the Apaches away from their captive position, giving them their freedom back, leading to a bigger battle against the American military.

Thoughts on Geronimo

Characters & Performances – Geronimo is the last great Apache leader fighting against the American military, he decides to surrender, hoping for a better future for his people, only what he is offered is nothing like the agreement and he becomes restless with the life he has been given, looking for an easy escape back to the traditions of his people. He leads his people out of the new land back into the battle for a final stand against the men trying to take their land. Chuck Connors does give us a performance where he looks like an above the rest leader, dominating the screen with his presence. Teela is the Apache that is looking to change the way they see the world, looking to bring education and break tradition to bring a future where both sides could work together, clashing with what Geronimo believes. Kamala Devi brings the beauty to a role which shows the shallow side of the Hollywood way, she does got toe to toe with Chuck through the film. Captain William Maynard is the man that was fighting for Apaches for years and now he thinks he can control them and use them, he is everything the Apaches are fighting against, the people who will take everything they have earnt. Pat Conway makes this character everything that we need to hate through the film. The film does contain the loyal fighters to Geronimo as well as the soldiers fight with Maynard, some follow him, others will question his decisions.

StoryThe story here follows the legendary Apache leader Geronimo who was the last one standing against the America military looking to control all their land, he will offer his surrender, only for the terms to be turned on, leading him to lead his men back into battle, just trying to keep their freedom alive. This is a story looking back at how badly the settlers in America treated the natives, how they forced them into following their rules, only to take everything they have earnt away from them. It does show how certain sides will look to change things for the better, but the stubborn blood hungry ones will do anything to stop change happening.

ThemesGeronimo is filled with the combat action between the two sides, seeing how both deal with the problems in battle, getting whatever they want from each other, we get to see the wild west with the open beauty views that the Apache would like to live in compared to the plains they are offered.


Geronimo is a western that shows one of the last great battles between Apaches and American settlers trying to take their land, it does fall into the stereotypes of what people imagined instead of learnt about both sides.

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