Gazza (2022) Movie Review ‘Eye Opening’

Gazza – Eye Opening


Director: Sam Collins

Plot: The story of a footballing genius, Paul Gascoigne, whose on-field brilliance is matched by a troubled private life and a media mania that spirals out of control.

Runtime: 2 Hours 4 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Gazza

ThoughtsGazza is the latest documentary exploring the life and career of footballing icon Paul Gascoigne. In this documentary, we get the quick glimpse of his early career before, where he was best friends with the press, seeing his friendly banter as part of who is was, before the first injuries started plaguing his on pitch career. Where Gazza shows another side to the man, is seeing how he was one of the many victims of the battle between the tabloids always wanting to make a new headline at someone else’s expense, even if they created the story. Gazza will show us how despite being famous, celebrities are still human, they should be allowed to live their lives without being hounded. Even with the media being shown in a bad light, there is a bigger side to Gazza that could have seen his career go in a different direction. Gazza will end up being one of the more important sporting documentaries, that doesn’t spend too much time on his playing career, putting focal point on the behind-the-scenes life that was affected by the media.

GAZZA will be available on Digital Download from 2nd May and Blu-ray & DVD from 9th May

Final Thoughts Gazza is an eye opening documentary showing the downfall of one of England’s greatest football talents.

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