Free to a Bad Home (2023) Movie Review


Free to a Bad Home – Movie Review

Director: Kameron Hale, Scott Hale

Writer: Kameron Hale, Scott Hale (Screenplay)


  • Miranda Nieman
  • Jake C Young (A Night of the Undead)
  • Olivia Dennis
  • Hayley Sunshine
  • Roni Locke (Wrong Turn)

Plot: In this terrifying horror anthology, the lives of three strangers – a widow, a thief, and an addict – are changed by cursed objects and those that spread them.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Free to a Bad Home starts when a young woman gets given a necklace from a box dumped on the street. This leads to a widow spending time around her home. A thief taking advantage of a situation. Meanwhile, addicts Julia (Dennis) and friends look to dive deeper into a cult following.

As each person interacts with something from the box, they see their lives changing. Most of which are going to be made for the worst.

Verdict on Free to a Bad Home

Free to a Bad Home is a horror anthology that follows three different people who interact with an item from a box left on the street. Each story gets to look at a different problem being faced, which shows why the character would want that item.

The short stories work very well to make the most of the limited time. It makes it feel like the people might well know each other, being surrounded within the same town. This is something that could have easily been skipped over. The horror elements do become more intense as the movie unfolds but never reach the highest shock value.

Final ThoughtsFree to a Bad Home is an entertaining horror anthology.

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