Flint Tale (2021) Movie Review ‘Powerful Drama’


Flint Tale – Powerful Drama


Director: Marc Cayce

Writer: Marc Cayce (Screenplay)

Starring: Hawthorne James, Erica Peeples, Idrees Degas, Tory Monay, King Wesley, Marie Y Lemelle, Shacola Thompson, Marcy Cayce

Plot: A story about disgraced former Police Chief Daniel Hartwell of Flint, MI, his cheating wife, Poppy Hartwell, and his two adult daughters, Destiny and Chasity during the aftermath of Flint water crisis!

Tagline – A Family Torn Apart by Lies, Denial and Water Poison

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Flint Tale starts as we see how the Hartwell family has come together after their own traumas, where they move in together back in Flint, Michigan. Former police chief Daniel (James), former WBA potential star Chastity (Harris) who sees her dreams shattered through injured and Destiny (Wilkerson), all looking to put their lives back together in the shadow of the Flint water scandal.

When the water scandal starts getting close to home, the lives of the family are looking to change, some for the better, others learning the worse about what is happening.

Thoughts on Flint Tale

ThoughtsFlint Tale will take us into a one family’s personal story around the tragic events around the Flint Water Crisis still going on in an abandoned industrial town. The story does a great job of having the water crisis in the background of a bigger personal story the family must be going through, rather than just going into the world of it being the only problem in their lives. Following the family drama will show how people have suffered because of the crisis, along with the problems with the aspiring sports stars who can get forgotten through injuries. The performances in the film are strong from everyone involved giving everyone that big moment to shine. This is going to be one of the films you will need to be aware of just how bad things are in the town, to get just how big the crisis truly is affecting the people.

Final Thoughts Flint Tale is a nice drama with an important message.

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