Felix and the Hidden Treasure (2021) Movie Review

Felix and the Hidden Treasure – Enjoyable

Director: Nicola Lemay

Writer: Marc Robitaille (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Gabriel Lessard, Karine Vanasse, Guy Nadon, Marc Labreche, Antonie Durand, Tristian Harvey

Plot: Taking advantage of his mother’s absence as she departs on a cruise ship for some rest and relaxation, 12-year-old Félix sets out to find his father, a fisherman who disappeared at sea two years earlier.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Felix and the Hidden Treasure starts when young Felix looks to take advantage of his mother’s cruise ship vacation to sneak off to go in search for his lost father Jack. Felix turns to Captain Tom to take him to island he believes he sank by, which will put the pair on an adventure that will see Tom meet someone from his past, living in a secret community on the island.

Thoughts on Felix and the Hidden Treasure

Characters – Felix is a 12-year-old boy that has been struggling with the disappearance of his father, he wants to go in search for him, turning to the one person he knows he can trust to help him. He has a sense for adventure and doesn’t want to give up on the hope of finding his father. Tom is the elderly captain that is willing to help Felix go in search for his father, being on of his old friends who has his own story on the oceans. Madeleine is the woman that has created her own community that will have her keeping people on her island, giving her a chance at something people would want to. We do spend a lot of time with the mother Mylene and Aunt that are trying to get Felix’s baby sister to talk for the first time. Each character does get their moment to shine, be it the innocent or the evil character, or over the top rich person.

StoryThe story here follows a young boy that sets sail in hope of finding his missing father who was lost at sea, turning to an experienced captain in hope of guidance, only for the pair to find the bigger problem going on within the open ocean. This is a story that will give our lead character an adventure which will give him a chance of putting his family back together, with him believing his life is changing and falling apart. Felix does remain positive through his journey, knowing how important this could be and not wanting to worry his mother. The journey itself does bring a legend of the ocean to life, which will show how people will do anything for what is there. The story does have the side story about Felix’s mother and Aunt, which will get a couple more laughs along the way and will often have some of the more serious moments.

ThemesFelix and the Hidden Treasure is an animated movie that will see our characters head out to sea in search for a lost loved one, taking the adventure out there. The animation does look beautiful with how the different worlds are created and we do get a lot of comedy from the supporting characters too.

Signature Entertainment presents Felix and the Hidden Treasure in Cinemas Nationwide 4th June with previews 28th May


Felix and the Hidden Treasure is an enjoyable family animation adventure.

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