Fanfik (2023) Movie Review

Fanfik – Movie Review


Director: Marta Karwowska

Writer: Grzegorz Jarosczuk, Marta Karwowska (Screenplay)


Plot: Two high school students form an intense connection as they navigate the challenges of discovering and expressing their truest selves.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Fanfik starts as we meet high school students Toska and Leon. Toska struggles to fit in and finds happiness in fan fiction. While Leon is new to the school, hoping to find a way to meet the new students.

The two strikes an unlikely friendship as Toska starts to see what is clear in her life. She knows she was meant to be a boy and looks to embrace this in her life. Leon offers up a friendship, while other loved ones don’t accept their decision.

Verdict on Fanfik

Fanfik is a drama following a trans high school student who has opened up to her classmates. However, not everything is going as smoothly as it could, with judgmental people questioning their decision. It sees them trying to understand the change they want and the attractions they feel.

This is an important look at creating understanding around a trans community. It highlights how it might not be easy to understand for everyone and it shows how people deal with the situation. Some of the student look to learn, while others look to mock. This gets to show how difficult it will be for anyone going through the process from friends and parents reactions. It ends up feeling important and could easily have explored a lot more. This could easily be compared to Love, Simon, with the high school treating the news on a different level than it needs to be.

Where to Watch: Fanfik is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Fanfik is an important drama about understanding people.

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