Exceptional Beings (2023) Movie Review

Exceptional Beings – Movie Review

Exceptional Beings

Director: Njedeh Anthony, Christian Kazadi

Writer: Njedeh Anthony (Screenplay)


Plot: Two Supernatural Beings begin to question their Godhood, when they encounter a human being, an ordinary woman with an uncanny essence, who doesn’t conform to their thousands of years of knowledge about humanity. They journey through her existence, as it relates to their desperate need to understand answers to questions, they never believed existed.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Exceptional Beings starts when Athena (Carter) and Hermes (Oliver) use their powers as Gods to visit a mortal woman Mina (Thundat). They believe something is different about her compared to other humans. As they explore her past, they learn bigger secrets about her past.

Athena and Hermes start going down a path to learn the truth, as Mina finds herself questioning reality. This all leads to a deeper conversation nobody involved was willing to discuss as the Gods look to reclaim their place on Earth.

Verdict on Exceptional Beings

Exceptional Beings is a fantasy drama following Gods who are trying to understand who a human really is. They can’t understand the power she has and look to break her to learn the truth about what she means for their own kind.

This is an interesting movie showing us the insecure side of the Gods. We get to see how they believe they are all controlling but a being creates uncertainty about their futures. The way this story unfolds adds plenty of mystery about what is going on. While we also get to see how Gods could struggle to see humans in modern-day life.

This ends up being a fascinating movie and creates a world we could easily return to. The idea that Gods among humans could be searching for ideas of what life has become keeps us wanting more. In the performances in the film, we get strong performances from the whole cast.

Final Thoughts Exceptional Beings is a fascinating fantasy thriller.

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