Escape from Mogadishu (2021) Movie Review ‘Harrowing Thriller’

Escape from Mogadishu – Harrowing Thriller


Director: Seung-wan Ryu

Writer: Ki-cheol Lee, Seung-wan Ryu (Screenplay)

Starring: Kim Yoon-seok, In-Sung Jo, Joon-ho huh, Kyo-hwan Koo, So-jin Kim, Man-sik Jeong

Plot: In 1991 war-torn Somalia the personnel and the families of both the South Korean and the North Korean embassies have the same goal: to escape from Mogadishu.

Runtime: 2 Hours 1 Minute

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Escape from Mogadishu starts as the South Korean ambassador Han Shin-Sung (Yoon-seok) and his counsellor Kang Dae-jin (Jo) in Somalia, will find themselves trapped in the country when the rebels rise up taking control of Mogadishu.

As the South Korean side gets support from the local government, the North Korean embassy comes under attack, forcing Ambassador Rim Yong-Su (Huh) and counsellor Joon-ki Tae (Koo) to lead their people to the South Korean Embassy in hope of shelter, despite both sides not looking like they could trust each, it could be the only hope either could make it out of the country alive.

Thoughts on Escape from Mogadishu

ThoughtsEscape from Mogadishu is the incredible story about two nations that will need to put their differences aside in an attempt to escape the conflict zone in Somalia. This is a harrow, action packed story that will show the almost impossible situation both sides of the Korean boarder would have found themselves in during this conflict, where they know both sides in Somalia are capable of killing for their cause. Escape from Mogadishu will hit hard with one of the most intense second halves of a movie you will see this year, with the desperate search for a safe place to go during the conflict. While this will give us the intensity of trying to survive, it will also highlight the divide between the North and South Korea, that will have consequences if the people are known to have worked together. The performances in the film are great, showing the conflicts between the two sides mixed with the desperation to survive.

Final Thoughts Escape from Mogadishu is an intense, harrowing action thriller, showing an incredible escape from conflict.

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