End Zone 2 (1970) Frightfest Movie Review

End Zone 2 – Frightfest Movie Review

End Zone 2

Director: August Kane

Writer: L Ray Hobbson (Screenplay)


  • Mikey Smash
  • Percy Wynne
  • Bernadette Ryan
  • Randall Browning
  • Dahlia Dimont
  • Patricia Ford

Plot: Fifteen years after the events of End Zone, Smash-Mouth is back to finish off the cheerleaders who killed his mother.

Runtime: 1 Hour 1 Minute

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: End Zone 2 starts 15 years after Smash-Mouth (Smash) went on a rampage. The friends Shelly (Ryan), Linda (Riviera), Mary (Dimont), Deborah (Ford) and Nancy (Wynne) are reuniting for the first time in years.

As the friends reunite, they look to address the past by performing a séance. They are unaware of what they have released though, as Smash-Mouth returns for vengeance.

Verdict on End Zone 2

End Zone 2 is a cult classic sequel with this being one of the first screenings of the movie from 1970 since the remastering process. It does do everything you would imagine from a 70s slasher-styled movie. Putting together a group of victims who are about to be picked off.

This does go hand in hand with ‘The Once and Future Smash’ as it will give more information about some of the lost footage from the movie. The movie is a perfect example of a cult classic because it is clear what you can enjoy by watching it.

Final Thoughts End Zone 2 is the definition of the term Cult Classic.

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