Dress Code (2023) Movie Review


Dress Code – Movie Review

Director: Joseph Pupello

Writer: Peter Panagos (Screenplay)


  • Gerard Garilli (Hard Laughter)
  • Frank Osso
  • Robert Asencio
  • Edward John Socienski
  • Maria Marinaro

Plot: Bobby Russo was born into a life of organized crime. A life of secrets and lies. As he gets older Bobby realizes that the most dangerous secrets of all, are his own.

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dress Code starts as we meet Bobby Russo (Garilli) a man raised in a criminal family to take over the business. However, he has a massive secret, one that his father drilled out of him. When Bobby loses his mother, he finds his life becoming more complicated again.

His role in the family business is in question and he is expecting his first child with his childhood sweetheart Clarie (Marinaro). Bobby must decide whether to remain in the family or embrace what makes him happy in life.

Verdict on Dress Code

Dress Code is a crime thriller following a young man that stepped into the criminal family business. He has dealt with abuse from his father about what makes him happy forcing him to hide it for years. However, when his secret comes out, his role in the family is tested.

This is a very different movie from what we have seen before in the criminal family stories. It challenges the stereotypes in the world and whether choices people make that give them happiness should be questioned. The bigger talking points are the most important parts of the story. In the performances, we get strong performances throughout, with Gerard Garilli in the leading role. He gets to bring the most to the movie, everything that plays into the bigger story.

Final Thoughts Dress Code Brings a much bigger conversation to the gangster movie.

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