Annie (1982) Movie Review

Annie – ABC Film Challenge – Oscar Nominations – C (Carol Sobieski Screenplay) – Annie – Movie Review


Director: John Huston

Writer: Carol Sobieski (Screenplay)

Writer: Thomas Meehan, Martin Charnin (Book/Play)


  • Aileen Quinn (The Frog Prince)
  • Albert Finney (Murder on the Orient Express)
  • Carol Brunett (The Four Seasons)
  • Ann Reinking (All That Jazz)
  • Tim Curry (Clue)

Plot: A spunky young orphan is taken in by a rich eccentric, much to the chagrin of the cantankerous woman who runs the orphanage.

Runtime: 2 Hour 6 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Annie starts as we meet little orphan Annie (Quinn) who stands up for the other orphans in the orphanage. Miss Hannigan (Burnett) runs the orphanage, making the children keeping it clean, using them to keep her home afloat.

One day eccentric rich woman Grace Farrell (Reinking) offers to take Annie for a week, with the plan to help her boss Daddy Warbucks (Finney) improve his image. However, Miss Hannigan doesn’t want to lose one of her orphans and the pay checks that come with them.

Verdict on Annie

Annie is a musical comedy adapted from a comic strip ‘Little Orphan Annie’. It follows the troubles that Annie goes through as she looks to get adopted and start a new life. One that doesn’t revolve around her cleaning an orphanage.

This is one of the classical musicals of all time, showing how a little orphan can affect some many lives. She brings out the best in a lot of the people she meets, but people also show their worst when money is involved. The movie creates songs that stick with you for years to come and creates a mix of joy and peril to move the story along.

Final Thoughts Annie is a wonderful musical that stands the test of time.

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