Deep Fear (2022) Frightfest Movie Review


Deep Fear – Frightfest Movie Review

Director: Gregory Beghin

Writer: Nicolas Tackian (Screenplay)


  • Sofia Lesaffre
  • Kassim Meesters
  • Victor Meutelet

Plot: Paris, the Eighties. Three students decide to celebrate their graduation with a visit of the Paris catacombs. When they discover the legendary 717 Bunker. Little do they know it’s not the only thing Nazi soldiers have left behind them.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Deep Fear starts as three friends Sonia (Lesaffre), Max (Meesters) and Henry (Meutelet) turn to Ramy (Olivennes) for a good time. They get invited to a private inside the Paris catacombs.

As the party gets out of hand, the four must search for an exit, which sees them wandering the corridors for one. What they find, is something they never imagined as they will need to fight to survive against what was left in the legendary 717 bunker.

Verdict on Deep Fear

Characters & Performances

Sonia, Max and Henry are three friends that have just graduated and want to celebrate. This sees them head into the catacombs for a party, which seems like a smooth party until it gets crashed by unwelcomed guests. They need to work calmly together to get out but find themselves facing an even more deadly enemy in a Nazi bunker.

Ramy is a local that helps the friends find the party. He is friendly with his approach and supplies Sonia with other products to give the friends a good time.

When it comes to the performances, Sofia Lesaffre has the most to do, as her character does suffer from nightmares before everything happens. Elsewhere, the rest of the cast does well, when most of what they must do is walk, run and scream.


The story follows a group of teenage friends that head into the Paris catacombs for a party, only to stumble upon a Nazi bunker. A bunker which is abandoned, leaving them needing to fight to survive and escape before becoming the latest victims.

This story relies heavily on the idea of getting lost in the Catacombs. It can create endless horror stories, which we have seen in ‘Catacombs’ or ‘As Above So Below’ in the past. In this one, we get a different threat for the friends to deal with even if the story relies on needing to escape to drive everything forward.


Deep Fear is a horror thriller that uses the Catacombs as the main location. This creates darkness and a tight environment that creates a lot of horror elements. It has been used before and it is one of the best real-world haunted locations. When it comes to what they meet, it is a creature that would terrify if you met it.

Final Thoughts Deep Fear is a claustrophobic horror that never holds back.

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