Dead & Beautiful (2021) Movie Review ‘Stylish Thriller’


Dead & Beautiful – Stylish Thriller


Director: David Verbeek

Writer: David Verbeek (Screenplay)

Starring: Gijs Blom, Philip Juan, Anna Marchenko, Yes Tsao, Aviis Zhong

Plot: A group of young and spoiled rich kids turn into vampires after a night out, changing the course of their lives and driving a wedge between them all.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dead & Beautiful starts as we meet the five wealthy spoilt children Mason (Blom), Anastasia (Marchenko), Lulu (Zhong), Bin-Ray (Juan) and Alexander (Tsao) who use their wealth to get away with whatever they want, knowing their position in society will cover them.

On their latest adventure, they find themselves going to a remote location, where they will find themselves going through a transformation, one that will see them turning into vampires, needing to figure out how to survive the changes they have been through.

Thoughts on Dead & Beautiful

ThoughtsDead & Beautiful follows the five wealthy young people as they look for their next fix to fulfil their selfish greedy ways, this will see them get turned into vampires, giving them a new lease of power in the world. When it comes to the five friends, they are all portrayed to be the spoilt figures in this world, people who believe they could get away with anything, with the changes they go through, making them change in a matter of days, showing darker sides they never knew they had. This is a way to show how you might never know the people closest to you, when it comes to the changes you might get through. The film is filled with a lot of style and doesn’t play out like the typical vampire transformation movie, offering up something much more interesting for the world we have now entered. The story isn’t going to play out like you imagined, offering up a much bigger idea to discuss by the end of the film. The performances in the film are great, with each actor making us believe we are following in the footsteps of their characters in this change.

Final Thoughts Dead & Beautiful is a stylish twist on the vampire movie.

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