Dalgliesh – Season 2 (2023) TV Review

Dalgliesh – Season 2 – Review


Director: Andy Tohill, Ryan Tohill, Geoffrey Sax, Jon Wright

Writer: P.D James (Novel)


Plot: Follows Dalgliesh’s crime-fighting career from 1970s England to the present day.

Runtime: 45 Minutes Episodes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Dalgliesh – Season 2

Death of an Expert Witness (D. Geoffrey Sax)

Death of an Expert Witness starts when a forensic doctor Lorrimer gets murdered while investigating the crime. DCI Dalgliesh (Carvel) and DS Kate Miskin (Peer) are called in to investigate. They learn quickly, he wasn’t the most popular man around town, but his work is always praised.

As the pair investigate, they start learning more secrets of the town. This leads to twists and turns along the way as each clue seems to reveal something new about the crime.

The first chapter of this series gets to give us a nice mystery of clues to follow. It gets to show Dalgliesh’s ability to solve crimes by looking from the outside, rather than being too close. However, this does end up getting drawn out a little bit too long for the mystery in play. (3/5)

A Certain Justice (D. Andy Tohill, Ryan Tohill)

A Certain Justice starts when DCI Dalgliesh (Carvel) and DS Miskin (Peer) are investigating the murder of Doroty Scully. The case looks like an easy case to solve, with Garry Ashe (Aroussi) being tried for the case. However, when defence attorney Venetia Aldrige (Stewart) gets the case thrown out.

The detectives get called on a new case after Venetia is murdered in her office. They are joined by rookie detective Daniel Tarrant (Brammer) and between them, must investigate a group of barristers. This only becomes more complicated when Venetia’s daughter starts dating Garry Ashe.

The second story gets to dive into a much more personal case for the detectives. By having somebody as a suspect for the lawyer getting killed who was against the pair, shows that we are left wondering if they can keep things away from a personal approach. This gets to prove more difficult as lawyers don’t want to tell the whole story. It is a much more interesting one that keeps us guessing all the way through. (4/5)

The Murder Room (D. Jon Wright)

The Murder Room starts when DCI Dalgliesh (Carvel), DS Miskin (Peer) and DS Tarrant (Brammer) are called in for a horrific crime scene. A victim is found in a burning car, which is quickly dismissed as not being an accident or suicide.

With the investigation underway, the location is the most interesting, as it holds artefacts from murders during the war. This is clear with the fact that the crime happens in the same way one of the cases in the museum happens. The clues send them in a range of directions, which could see them uncover a bigger truth.

With the third story, we get a highlight from the locations. A place with such mystery and seeing a copycat using the crimes creates a new motivation. Much like the rest of the stories we have seen unfold, we are kept guessing. This one helps create the biggest amounts of suspects throughout the movie. (4/5)

Dalgliesh – Season 2

Dalgliesh – Season 2 brings us three unique cases, with each one becoming more interesting as they unfold. We get the unique crimes, despite the shows being played out in the same format. The 1970s theme works well for the whole series with Bertie Carvel & Carlyss Peer working extremely well together. We could easily come back for a season 3 with more crimes for the detectives to solve.

Final ThoughtsDalgliesh Season 2 is an entertaining detective series.

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