Crossfire (2023) Movie Review


Crossfire – Movie Review

Director: Yadhu Krishnan

Writer: Yadhu Krishnan (Screenplay)


Plot: CROSSFIRE is a story of redemption. Agent Mark Patson who takes down the deadliest Gorilla Gang, loses his wife in a crossfire which drags away his daughter. After few years when he tries to bring back his daughter. The last surviving member of the gang tries to hunt her down. But this time Mark and his daughter were prepared to strike back.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Crossfire starts when former agent Mark Patson (Mandylor) looks to step away from the spotlight. His last job saw him take down one of the deadliest Gorilla Gangs, however, his wife gets killed in the crossfire.

Mark finds his daughter Alisha (Wiechec) blaming him for her death, as he looks to rebuild his relationship with her. However, this isn’t as easy as he was expecting as Alisha starts getting targeted by fellow gang members who want revenge.

Verdict on Crossfire

Crossfire is a thriller following a former law enforcement agent who is trying to rebuild his relationship with his daughter. His last job left heartbreak in the family and he finds himself being tracked by the gang he took down.

This is a slow thriller that does a wonderful job of showing the paranoia and worries a law enforcement agent could have. It shows how they could constantly look over their shoulder for a returning threat. However, this can hold things back as we get a constant hint at action, without anything coming from this side of things. This movie ends up feeling like it gets stuck in the middle of two ideas with either side being a lot more interesting.

Final Thoughts Crossfire is a thriller that gets caught up between two ideas.

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