Cosmic Sin (2021) Movie Review

Director: Edward Drake

Writer: Edward Drake, Corey Large (Screenplay)

Starring: Frank Grillo, Bruce Willis, Brandon Thomas Lee, Corey Large, C’J; Perry, Perrey Reeves, Lochlyn Munro

Plot: Seven rogue soldiers launch a pre-emptive strike against a newly discovered alien civilization in the hopes of ending an interstellar war before it starts.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Cosmic Sin starts when an alien civilization sends an attack back to Earth from their own planet, leading to General Ryle (Grillo), James Ford (Willis), Braxton Ryle (Lee), Dash (Large), Dr Goss (Reeves, and Marcus Bleck (Mandylor) leading a retaliation attack on the civilization.

Once the soldiers land on the planet, they learn others have come for the fight and the enemy is much deadlier than they first thought, needing to make a difficult decision to survive.

Thoughts on Cosmic Sin

ThoughtsCosmic Sin is a sci-fi action film that sees the human race getting involved in a war against an alien civilization that could destroy humanity at a dramatic pace, leading to a group of soldiers looking to end the threat before it happens. When it comes to sci-fi stories, this does feel like it is just another version of a story we have seen before, with ‘Doom’ being the most notable version of the story. This is a story that could be an easy watch, but it tries to do more than it needs to, leading us down a path where everything is more in complicated battle between the soldiers themselves, leaving any moment of impact feeling flatter than it needs to be. We have Bruce Willis in here, which doesn’t help and with Frank Grillo also involved, we know where things are going with this film. The effects are not the strongest either, which doesn’t help with the bigger moments, where most of the human characters are walking around in what look like horrendously heavy suits.

Final Thoughts Cosmic Sin is a simple action sci-fi movie that can kill the time without being ground breaking.

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