Cop Secret (2021) Movie Review ‘The Best Action Comedy of the Year’

Cop Secret – Best Action Comedy of the Year


Director: Hannes Þór Halldórsson

Writer: Hannes Þór Halldórsson, Nína Pedersen, Sverrir Þór Sverrisson (Screenplay) Hannes Þór Halldórsson, Egill Einarsson, Auðunn Blöndal (Story)

Starring: Auðunn Blöndal, Egill Einarsson, Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir, Sverrir Þór Sverrisson, Vivian Ólafsdóttir, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Júlíana Sara Gunnarsdóttir

Plot: A cop in denial of his sexuality, falls in love with his new partner, while investigating a string of bank break-in.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Cop Secret starts as we meet Bússi (Blöndal) who has the reputation of being the toughest cop in Iceland, along with his partner Klemenz (Sverrisson) who is reluctantly involved in a high speed pursuit cause plenty of damage along the way, leaving Bússi’s rival Hörꝺur (Einarsson) to steal the spotlight, getting closer to taking his title as the toughest cop in Iceland.

When the pair find themselves working on the same case, they decide to put their differences aside to bring down the mastermind criminal Rikki (Haraldsson) behind it all

Thoughts on Cop Secret

Characters & Performances – Bússi has the reputation of being the toughest cop in Iceland, he always gets the criminals, even if it means sometimes he steps outside the law to achieve this. He has seen partners wanting to stop working with him, but when the latest case comes up, he is left to work with his rival, while questioning his own sexuality. He will always do what is best for his country, making it safe for the people. Auðunn Blöndal is great in this role, he brings all of the action hero traits, along with the comedy of being over the top in the role. Hörꝺur is the rival officer, coming from a wealthy family, where he clearly doesn’t need to put his life at risk, he has become just as efficient in the stopping criminal game, where he will start taking the spotlight away from Bússi. Egill Einarsson plays this role perfectly, knowing he is meant to be more over the top than his rival, which will get more laughs than it needs to. Rikki is the criminal mastermind that has been waiting for his chance to take down his plans, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson is a great villain to watch, clearly designed to be wildly over the top, which will create the extra impact in his scenes. The whole cast do play their roles well through the film, letting the three leads standout.

StoryThe story here follows the toughest cop in Iceland finding himself getting competition from a rival officer, which will see him needing to put his differences aside to take down a criminal mastermind looking to plan something devastating in the capital. This is an action comedy story, with the whole point being that an odd couple find themselves together taking down a criminal mastermind, while everyone in charge doesn’t want them working on the case because of their destructive ways. Outside of the action side of the film, we do have a love story between the two leads, with this heavily masculine world, putting in a lead character that is unsure about his own sexuality, which is something we have never seen before and is a welcome addition. The core side of the action side of the story is like what we have seen many times before, but it works, why change something that works so well.

ThemesCop Secret is an action comedy that starts with a car chase, before giving us a host of different action sequences along the way, with most of the comedy coming from the reaction people have towards the action happening, including things like, ‘this isn’t a movie’ line. The locations are used to show the different areas the cops can operate in, with the criminals in the typical shady areas, with the main attraction point being a major sporting event.

Final Thoughts Cop Secret is one of the best action comedies of recent years, it will make you laugh along with the action.

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