Chloe and Theo (2015) Movie Review

Director: Ezna Sands

Writer: Ezna Sands (Screenplay)

Starring: Theo Ikummaq, Dakota Johnson, Ashley Springer, Andre De Shields, Mira Sorvino

Plot: From the northern ice comes a gentler kind of hero.

Runtime: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Chloe and Theo starts as Theo (Ikummaq) leaves his home in near the North Pole, heading down to New York, where he gets thrown into the chaotic world, flying past him, before homeless woman Chloe (Johnson) finds him.

As Chloe helps guide Theo on his mission to help inform the leaders of the world about climate change, he will get to meet a string of different characters along the way, who will listen to his message.

Thoughts on Chloe and Theo

ThoughtsChloe and Theo is a drama that will follow an Inuit from the Arctic that heads south in an attempt to speak to world leaders about the damage climate change has caused to the world around him. He is guided by people who have their own fights, which will show how the smaller people in the world will need to challenge the people with money to make the difference, when they see the consequences, they are causing upon the world. The message is big, as we hear endless stories of people who want climate change, but showing us a man that is going through the consequences, searching for answers for a change, is what is important in this movie. The performance Theo Ikummaq is fantastic, as he shows the man that is left with no other option, with Dakota Johnson bringing the character that needed to find a purpose in her life to life.

Final Thoughts Chloe and Theo is an important drama, that wants to help show the change needed.

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