Top 5 Favourite Danny Boyle Films

Danny Boyle is one of the best directors in the business today and he has tackle a full range of genres in his 22-year career. Today I am going to pick my five favourite films of his career and my first disclaimer is that I have never seen Trainspotting.

5. Trance (2013)trance

This crime mystery keeps us guessing through hypnotherapy that is going on making us guess what is real or what is not as we see the story unfold.

4. Shallow Grave (1994)shallow

In Danny’s first directed work we get to see all of his skills as a director being able to handle the tension building throughout.

3. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)sulmdog

The Oscar winning movie to his name that tells the unbelievable story of how one teen wins a game show and has to explain how he knew all the answers from his life experiences.

2. Sunshine (2007)sunshine

Stepping into the world of sci-fi without getting into an extra-terrestrial villain but instead tackling a human problem when the sun is dying, this story follows our astronauts with the last chance to save humanity facing morale decisions which could change human history.

1.       28 Days Later (2002)28 days

28 Days Later brought a brand new look to the zombie genre with the rage zombies that simply don’t stop. We get beautiful shots of the English countryside left abandoned following the outbreak.



Top 5 Favourite Childhood Cartoons

Growing up we all watched cartoons right and now these shows are no longer around. So today I am going to walk down memory lane and look at five of my favourites.

5. Card Captorscardcaptoros

This Japanese anime was about a young girl who had to capture creatures and put them back into a mystical book.

4. The Hurricaneshurricanes

The Hurricanes was following a football team that always had to go up against the odds to win their latest game. This is all fun and helped my love for football.

3. Rugratsrugrats

The adventures of Tommy Pickles and his friends were so fun back in the day and even with all the twisted fan theories of the show still comes off fun.

2. Pokémonpokemon

We all wanted to be the very best when we followed Ash on his adventures. This show also gave the me a game which took up plenty of my time too.

1.       Scooby Dooscooby doo

Scooby Doo is the show I can still watch now and it really is a show that I wanted to grow up and live like, going around solving mysteries.


Tpo 5 Favourite Olivia Thirlby Roles

Olivia Thirlby in a young actress that has appeared in supporting roles in a couple of the most popular films in her early career, while I have to see her make the step to leading lady she has the supporting character down perfectly.  Today I am going to look back at the early stage of what will hopefully be a much longer career at five of my favourite roles.

5. Sophie Montero – Uncertainty (2008)


4. Natalie – The Darkest Hour (2011)darkest

While I can safely say this isn’t the most original or best horror films the film does have some of the most shocking death effects of any film and Natalie is one of the group of Americans partying in Russia when aliens attack. Natalie comes off as the kind good natured of the two girls showing how she can play the leading lady in horror with what is a good all-around cast with Emile Hirsch, Rachael Taylor and Joel Kinnaman.

3. Anderson – Dredd (2012)dreed

Dredd is a film that got universally loved but just failed at the box-office. Anderson is the supporting officer to the Judge and while Karl Urban and Lena Headley do steal the film it is the Anderson’s uncertainty to how far she will go that shows just how good the Judge is at his job.

2. Nicole Carol Miller – United 93 (2006)united

While this film isn’t about any individual performance Olivia got her first acting role according to IMDB with her role in this film about the devastating day.

1.       Leah – Juno (2007)juno

Juno is one of the most popular films from 2007 and the Oscars nominations it got proved this, Leah is Juno’s best friend that gets most of the funny scenes with a friendship that feels natural throughout. Olivia may not be on the cover but when you look at the names there you feel now she could easily be added to how important she is to this film.


5 Guilty Pleasures #2

Guilty Pleasure is a term all films fans will understand and when we watch as many films as we do, we are bound to like some more than others but then there is a category of films others hated that we loved for all the wrong reasons. This leads to the term Guilty Pleasure, so today I am name five films I consider my guilty pleasures, these are just five of many and my rule for this is that I have to have seen these movies at least 3 times and they have to either be films people disliked or most likely never saw.

5. Speed Racer (2008)speed

Speed Racer is formerly an anime television show and is directed by the siblings that bought us The Matrix. This film got panned for being over the top flashy mess but when you have a love for racing and not too serious racing this film fits in perfectly for you to enjoy.

4. Deep Rising (1998)deep rising

Deep Rising is directed by Stephen Sommers who would go onto bring us the first two Mummy movies that are hugely fun. In this film we get to see the early stages of the CGI he had worked on as well as the comic side to an action horror style film. The all now star cast work well to and the film comes off fun and enjoyable.

3. City of Ember (2008)city

City of Ember is once again a young adult adaptation but one that flew completely under the radar, it follows a society of people who live underground waiting for the time to return to the surface after a disaster. This again all-star cast get to play their quirky roles well and most importantly don’t take the situation completely serious.

2. Kill Zombie! (2012)kill

 Kill Zombie! Is a Dutch zombie horror comedy that follows the survivors trying to escape the city and this works because it is all fun hitting all the comedy marks and is one I just wish more people would see.

1.       No One Lives (2012)no one

No One Lives follows a gang that pick on the wrong guy, a guy who just happens to be a ruthless serial kidnapper and serial killer as he tries to turn his captives into his allies on his killing sprees. This film manages to make us be on the serial killers side and is filled with plenty of good kills and is a must for all horror fans.


5 Scenes I Love Part One

For this list I am going to be picking five of my favourite roles, this doesn’t mean they are my absolute favourite scenes or by any means the scenes I think are the best scenes out there either and finally I will most likely do another one of these in the future. I have tried to do a mix of genres too for this post and I would like to know if you like these scenes or not.

5. Final Race – Speed Racer

While Speed Racer is one of the most hated films I found it to be a true guilty pleasure of mine, in this scene we get to see Speed’s car spin out of the race and he has to use his natural driving ability to recover and re-enter the race. The scene is full of flashbacks for Speed to see just how many people supporting him and how he was always destiny to become the greatest racer or all time and bring down the corrupt system. This scene builds up to the final moments we have been waiting for as we have seen Speed take on the corruption in the port wanting to end it all for his family and brother’s sake.

4. The Arrival of a Tall Man – It Follows

We know that Jay is being followed by the creature who can look like anyone and in this scene she gets a visit finding herself run upstairs in a panic. We get a knocking only for it to be friends before we hear something else trying to get in, the music dies and it is the remaining friend the door opens and a giant figure appear behind her walking towards Jay. This scene works because it builds the tension before letting you think it is all over before bang it hits you again for a true terrifying jump scare.

3. Freak Out – 50/50

This Freak Out in the car happens the day before the surgery Adam is going to having where he has had a threw drinks with his best friend and gets to drive for the first time. In the scene we see the always calm Adam finally snap and worry about whether he will survive believing his friend has been using him and calling his rookie therapist. This scene gives us Adam a chance to believe he could make it and he ends up seeing just how much his best friend has been there worried about his Adam leaving his life. Yet another one of my favourite movies with this being only the second time in the film out of four that brings a tear to my eyes.

2. Expectations vs. Reality – 500 Days of Summer

This scene shows Tom believing this party could rebuild his relationship with Summer but we also get to see the reality of what the party really is for. I love this scene because it shows how you can miss-read situations and gives the perfect reflection of the reaction of things not going the way you thought they would.

1.       The Best Part of My Day – Good Will Hunting

This scene is the first time in the whole movie where Will’s best friend pushes him into using all his potential because before this we only see the two professors trying to push Will. I find this scene amazing because it is what a best friend is really about and I almost wish I could have a moment like this in my life.