Catacombs (2007)

When Victoria (Shannyn Sossamon) get invited to Paris by her sister Carolyn (Alecia ‘Pink’ Moore)  Victoria thinks it will be a good holiday with her sister. After her long flight all Victoria wants to do is have a rest and start the next day, Carolyn has other plans and drags her out to a party.

The party is in the catacombs under Paris where a reported 7 million bodies are buried in the largest mass grave in history. Carolyn leads Victoria down the to a more private party which leads to an argument and Victoria and Carolyn walking around the catacombs unaware of where they are going.

After being attacked by a creature Carolyn is left dead and Victoria alone, lost and being chased by this creature. Can Victoria make it out of the catacombs alive?

Dark, claustrophobic, isolated all make a good horror film right? Well this one has all of them and the horror side of it comes off very well, but the camera work makes some found footage ones look top notch. The ending will leave you very disappointed but it also isn’t something you wouldn’t see coming, but this poor surprise only leads to a bigger and more suiting surprise.

The second twist at the end gives this some more points so i will rate this film at 64%

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