California’s Forgotten Children (2018) Movie Review


California’s Forgotten Children – Movie Review

Director: Melody C Miller

Plot: A feature documentary about child sex trafficking. The film recounts true stories of girls and boys who were commercially sexually exploited in California and are now survivors and courageous leaders fighting for the rights of victims worldwide.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on California’s Forgotten Children

California’s Forgotten Children is a documentary following the horrific stories that children had. They were taken and exploited into the sex trade by people who saw money in them. It explores how they battle their way through the system and different criminal environments.

We hear plenty of different stories that will tell a similar story of how they ended up in an even worse position. Each victim has their own story on how much they went through. This also explores the police side of things as they explain how difficult trying to solve the case becomes.

The movie is a difficult movie to watch as each story is filled with horrific stories. It shows how difficult escaping and prosecuting the case can become. However, it does show what is being done to try and change everything and stop this from happening to the next generation of children.

Final Thoughts California’s Forgotten Children is an important documentary that is hard-hitting.

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