Bulletproof 2 (2020) Movie Review

Bulletproof 2 – Unnecessary Sequel

Bulletproof 2 Poster

Director: Don Michael Paul (Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell)

Writer: Don Michael Paul (Screenplay)

Writer: Rich Wilkes (Story)


Plot: Set 25 years after, Jack is now working as a Special Agent with a mission to take down a powerful South African crime family. The officer begrudgingly goes undercover once again, this time taking the identity of Moses.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bulletproof 2 starts as agent Jack Carter (Love) finds himself struggling to perform his duties. Consequently, he gets sent to South Africa to work with Archie Moses (Fox), for the first time in 25 years.

The mission is to get close to the Schmidt gang, who have been clashing with a Mexican cartel. The two must put their differences aside to complete this dangerous mission.

Verdict on Bulletproof 2

Bulletproof 2 is an action-comedy sequel that reunites the characters, but not the actors. Seeing the two come together for the mission even if they don’t work well together. The story itself, is fine, doing the basics correctly. Although the problems come from the fact that the two leads aren’t as good.

The movie tries to focus too much on unfunny jokes, where the characters are drawn into rants. Faizon Love will get better laughs and his character does have deeper problems going on. However, on the offside of things, Kirk Fox brings us a character that is painful to watch.

The action side of the movie will bring us typical shootouts, ones that are overkill because of the stability of the criminals. Sadly, this brings endless cuts to the action, including showing certain sequences from multiply angles. The movie here doesn’t do the first one justice, ending up feeling more like a failed buddy cop movie.

Where to Watch: Bulletproof 2 is available to rent or buy on Google Play, Microsoft, YouTube, Amazon and Apple TV.

Final ThoughtsBulletproof 2 is an unnecessary sequel.

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