3 Demons (2022) Movie Review

3 Demons – Disturbing Horror

3 Demons Poster

Director: Matt Cunningham

Writer: Mat Cunningham, Peter Tell (Screenplay)

Cast: Haley Heslip, Sherryl Despres, Peter Tell, Jovonnah Nicholson, Laura Golinski, Zoe Cunningham

Plot: A Deputy that is tasked with watching over the body of a recently deceased woman. Until her family can arrive & claim her. As his curiosity gets the better of him, he inadvertently concludes an unfinished ritual. The conjuring now complete, strange & sinister forces begin to target him. As his past is unearthed, he’s forced to face his own demons with terrifying consequences.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: 3 Demons starts as deputy Fisher (Tell) is left to watch over a dead body. Left alone in the remote woodland area by sheriff Winters (Heslip). Fisher is left wondering what is happening, as the dead body starts moving. He starts investigating the bigger picture, learning the deceased was involved in the occult.

The longer Fisher spends alone in the area, the more disturbing the experience becomes for him. Being left to wonder what is real, stuck between a reality of nightmares and evil. Recounting this story to Doctor Sawyer (Despres) from within a jail cell.

Thoughts on 3 Demons

Characters & Performances

Fisher is welcomed to this story from the shadows of a jail cell, telling his disturbing story. He was left to a watch over a dead body, which should be a routine job. Turning into a nightmare for Fisher, as he starts getting horrendous visits. Each encounter becomes more terrifying for him, as he looks to clear his name.

Winters is the sheriff who leaves Fisher to guard the body. She tries checking up on him, only finding herself joining in on the nightmares he is suffering through.

Doctor Sawyer is the lady trying to learn the truth. Listening to his story in the jailcell. In what could be seen as someone trying to discover if Fisher is telling the truth.

The demonic visitors that haunt Fisher all have a personal connection to him. Ones the demons use to get the better of the man. The visits will bring the horrific side to everything he is experiencing.

Peter Tell in the leading role can easily be compared to what Bruce Campbell gave us in The Evil Dead. One that will see him carrying all the reactions to the haunting, never sure of what is going on. Only without the humorous side he brought to the role, of a man being visited by demonic figures.


The story here will find a deputy having a routine guarding a dead body job. Only for the job turning into a nightmare when he starts getting visited by demonic forces. Challenging everything we know that could be reality or not.

We could easily compare the nightmarish journey Fisher goes through to ‘The Evil Dead’. One man alone in the woodland area suffering horrendous visions from demonic force. The story will keep us on edge throughout, making us want to figure out the truth. Only to throw us down a different path, through everything scene.


3 Demons is a horror mystery that will bring us a string of nightmarish experiences the deputy goes through. Using a law officer, will bring credibility to the position around the unexplained. The film uses daylight for large amounts of the horror too, which for demonic movies tends to be unusual. The different demonic forces, offer up different scares each time. Ones that will shock us along the way.

Final Thoughts 3 Demons is a shocking & disturbing horror experience.

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