Broken Wings (2022) Movie Review

Broken Wings – Movie Review

Broken Wings Poster

Director: Rudy Soedjarwo

Writer: Monty Tiwa, Erik Tiwa, Alim Sudio (Screenplay)


  • Nicholas Saputra
  • Ariel Tatum
  • Iwa K
  • Poppy Sovia
  • Ariyo Wahab

Plot: When violence erupts at a detention centre, a police officer combats armed prisoners – as his wife goes into labour without him. Inspired by real events.

Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes 

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Broken Wings starts when a police detention centre is bombed. It leads to Adji (Saputra) getting wounded, but his colleagues are killed. Back at home, his pregnant wife Nani (Tatum) is worried about his position, as the violence toward police has become more serious.

Adji must lead a team to track down the people behind the attack, needing to face down the armed prisoners that have escaped the detention centre.

Verdict on Broken Wings

Broken Wings is a thriller that follows a police officer that finds himself in the middle of a battle to survive and be on time for the birth of his child. However, the battle to survive becomes more serious when the prisoners escape.

This is a strange thriller because it gives us the earl attack, which is harrowing to watch. However, it doesn’t dive into the bigger incident until very late in the movie. It adds even more tension to the movie unleashing pure chaos. This is based on true events, so we must understand the brutality of what happened to the people involved.

Where to Watch:  Broken Wings is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Broken Wings is an emotional thriller.

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